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Entrepreneurial innovation and excellence are the three genes of West Asil

Innovation is the driving force for enterprises to grow, develop, and continue, and it is the foundation for us to maintain technological leadership. The spirit of innovation is deeply rooted in the bone marrow of every employee of West Air. From China's first hydrocarbon refrigerant filling machine to the world's most accurate carbon dioxide filling machine, from automatic trip to unmanned intelligent perfusion, innovation drives us to continuously before.

Creating excellence means creating high-quality enterprises and products, and adhere to high standards and strict requirements in all tasks. "Climbing is not the top, life is regrettable; traceability is not at the source, and we hate it for life." The spirit of excellence will call us to contribute more high-quality products to society.

Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship. We encourage every employee to have entrepreneurship, dreams, ambitions, hard work, and persistence. From being managed to autonomous management, from passive acceptance to active choice, to become their own. CEO; bring happiness to others in the pursuit of their own interests, with self-interest as the purpose, and happiness of others as the means.