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  • S4系列单枪充注机,适用于中小型制冷机的冷媒充注 Product summary: S4 series single gun filling machine, suitable for refrigerant filling of small and medium-sized refrigerators
    • S4 Product name: S4

  • T4系列双枪双系统冷媒冲主机,可双路充注不同冷媒,满足您的生产需求。 Product summary: T4 series dual-gun dual-system refrigerant rush main unit can be filled with different refrigerants in two ways to meet your production needs.
    • T4 Product name: T4

  • S5系列单枪高速充注机,适用于大型制冷机的冷媒充注,提高您的生产效率。 Product summary: S5 series single gun high-speed filling machine, suitable for refrigerant filling of large refrigerators, improve your production efficiency.
    • S5 Product name: S5

  • T5系列高速双枪双系统冷媒充注机,双系统独立运行, 实现双路冷媒同时充... Product summary: T5 series high-speed dual-gun dual-system refrigerant filling machine
    • T5 Product name: T5

  • 家用、商用等各类空调生产流水线 Product summary: various types of air-conditioning production lines for domestic and commercial use
  • ACR系列冷媒回收机,高效回收气、液态冷媒,充分提高您的经济效益。 Product summary: ACR series refrigerant recovery machine, efficient recovery of gas and liquid refrigerant, fully improve your economic benefits.

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