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VHD series vacuum box type helium leak detection equipment mainly includes single box, two boxes, three boxes and other boxes. Manual manual loading and unloading, assembly line automatic loading and unloading, and robotic loading and unloading. The size and form of the vacuum box can be flexibly customized according to customer products, providing the optimal solution

VHD series vacuum box
System functions
Vacuum Box Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection
Vacuum chamber helium leak detection
Vacuum box quantity
Vacuum chamber quantity
Single box / two boxes / three boxes / four boxes ...
Single / double / triple / four ...
Vacuum box size
Vacuum chamber size

Customized according to customer products

Detection accuracy
Detection percison
1g / y
Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump

Alfa / Lybo
Ulvac or Leybold

Pneumatic Components
Pneumatic components
Electrical components
Electrical components
PLC, touch screen Mitsubishi
Leak detector
Leak detector
Inforcon LDS3000
inficon LDS3000
Suitable for
Various evaporators and condensers
Various types of evaporators, condensers

Some cases:

Dalian Haier Air Conditioning Tunnel Type Automatic Helium Inspection Box

Hefei Haier Commercial Air Conditioning Sliding Door Vacuum Helium Inspection Box

Hefei Haier Commercial Air Conditioning Robot Automatic Helium Check Box

Hefei Haier Household Air Conditioning Three Box Independent Helium Check Box

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