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Carbon dioxide as a refrigerant has the advantages of high density, low viscosity, small flow loss, and good heat transfer effects. At the same time, carbon dioxide has excellent environmental performance, low cost and easy acquisition, good stability, and is conducive to reducing the size of refrigeration equipment. However, the use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant also has correspondingly high requirements. The relatively high critical pressure and low critical temperature of carbon dioxide have also brought many difficulties to its use as a refrigerant, and one of them is the difficulty in ensuring the accuracy of filling. CR744 series filling machine adopts CACL subcritical state process filling technology and is equipped with CA-6170 rear guide ejector rod filling gun with exquisite design. Filling accuracy.

Charge refrigerant
Charging gas
CO2 and other gaseous refrigerants
Single charge
Charging dose (g)
Filling speed
Charging speed (g / s)
Filling accuracy
Charging precision
Within 100g≤ ± 2g
100g or more ≤ ± 2%
Measurement method
Measurement methods
VIS Ruby Flowmeter
Vacuum rate
Pumping speed
8L / S (optional)
Charge gun interface
Charging gun injector
Hansen 1/4 '' or 3/8 '' connector
Communication Interface
Communication interface
RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet
Compressed air supply pressure
Compressed Air
0.5-0.7Mpa dry compressed air
Power and power
Voltage & Power
AC380V 50Hz 2kW (optional)
Volume and weight
Volume & Weight
L980 * W800 * H1650