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      CA-788C-S5 series high-speed refrigerant charging machine integrates vacuum extraction, leak detection, and refrigerant charging in one, and can charge R134a, R513a, R22, R407C, R410A and other air-conditioning refrigerants at high speed. It is suitable for commercial air-conditioning, central Refrigerant charging for large refrigerators such as air conditioners and chillers. The addition of CA-6AG high-speed charging gun, CA-CM4 high-efficiency booster pump, and ULVAC high-power vacuum pump make the S5 series have a great improvement in charging speed, filling volume and vacuum rate compared to the S4 series. Its fastest filling speed is up to 230g / s, the maximum filling capacity is 299,999g (expandable), and the vacuum rate is up to 8L / S.

      S5 S5H S5B
      Charge refrigerant
      Charging gas
      R134a, R513a, R404A, R406A, R22, R407C, R410A, R1234yf, R1233ze, R1233zd, R245fa ...
      Single charge
      Charging dose (g)
      20-19,999 20-99,999 20-299,999 (expandable)
      Filling speed
      Charging speed (g / s)
      ≥100 ≥180 ≥100
      Filling accuracy
      Charging precision
      Within 500g≤2g, above 500g≤0.5%, above 2000g≤0.3%
      Measurement method
      Measurement methods
      VIS Ruby Flowmeter / RHEONIK Mass Flowmeter
      VIS Ruby flowmeter standard, RHEONIK mass flowmeter optional
      Vacuum rate
      Pumping speed
      8L / S (optional)
      Charge gun interface
      Charging gun injector
      Hansen 1/4 '' or 3/8 '' interface
      Communication Interface
      Communication interface
      RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet
      Compressed air supply pressure
      Compressed Air
      0.5-0.7Mpa dry compressed air
      Power and power
      Voltage & Power
      AC380V 50Hz 1.5kW (optional)
      Volume and weight
      Volume & Weight
      L980 * W700 * H1650
      L980 * W700 * H1650
      L980 * W700 * H1650
      Suitable for
      Applicable to
      Commercial air conditioners, central air conditioners, industrial air conditioners, chiller units, high-speed production line household air conditioners and heat pumps, etc.
      Commercial air conditioning and central air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, water chillers,
      high-speed line home air-conditioners and heat pump etc

      Special configuration and technical requirements, otherwise agreed

      Special configuration and technical requirements, in addition to discuss